5 Best Peer-2-Peer Lending Websites

Peer-2-Peer lending becomes one of the best & easiest way to get loan for personal / business or for any kinds of purposes online. and also it becomes the best & highly profitable way to invest money. anyone can become p2p lender and anyone can get loan from p2p platforms as long as if they meet all criterias! now let's list best 5 websites to get p2p loan/lend

4. Funding Cycle Marketplace
Funding cycle is a marketplace which allows investors to lend their money to small & mid-sized businesses. this company has started the journey of p2p lending for businesses. it provides 25000$ up to 500000$ loans for businesses that operates in US,UK,GR & NETHERLAND.

3. Upstart 
Upstart is an innovative peer-2-peer lending platform founded in 2012 and headquartered in sanfrancisco california usa. they provide loan 1000$ up to 50000 and their risk asses method is different from any of other p2p lenders which is they asses the borrower risk though AI. you can save up to 24% in upstart if you are a borrower.

2. Lending Club
Lending club is an american peer-2-peer lending company founded & headquartered in san francisco california on 2007. it is the largest peer 2 peer company by providing loan for personal up to 40000$ , business up to 300000$ & auto financing. 

1. Prosper Marketplace 
Prosper is the first p2p company in us & it is one of the most popular peer-2-peer lending company founded in 2005 & headquartered in sanfrancisco , california. prosper provides 2000$ up to 40000$ for borrowers which have to pay 3 up to 5 years depending on agreement according to their statics they cordinate 12 billion loans for 800000 individuals & businesses.

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