5 Best Small Business Lenders in NORAM

Small Business Lender are companies or individuals that provides loans for different kinds of businesses(SMALL). Mostly small business loans had less restrictive criterias. and this makes the companies to secure the fund easily. now let's list best 5 lenders for small businesses.

1. Wells Fargo
Wells fargo is an american financial company headquartered in san-francisco. since 2015 they lended over 30billion $$ for different small businesses in North America. 
wells fargo provides loan between 10000 up to 100000 with fixed interest rate of 7% up to 23% that paid monthly.

2. One Deck Capital
One Deck is a global small business lending company founded & headquartered in NYC on 2006 . the company provides up to hundreds of thousand bucks with maximum 42% annual interest rate.

3. Funding Cycle
Funding cycle is a peer-2-peer lending marketplace platform that enable investors to provide different amount of money for loan to business owners & individual borrowers . the company provides $25,000 up to $500,000 with minimum 5% up to 8% & maximum 23.24% up to 26.29% interest rate depending on loan term.

4.  JP Morgan Chase
JP Morgan chase is american based financial service & investment bank founded in 2000 and headquartered in NYC, J-P has successfully lended 20 billion for different kinds of smalol businesses in NORAM. the company lend you up to 250000$ with low rated apr.

5. Foundation

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