What is Peer-2-Peer lending & How P2P lending Works

Peer to peer lending or shorted as P2P is an online app or website service which used to meet borrowers with lenders online to practice money lending to individuals or business companies. peer-2-peer lending is 100% operate online and most peoples love's to invest there money by lending monies to peoples who need money for there business or individual use. p2p lenders get high interest & return as compared as to another long term investment or saving but p2p is not always successful. it has a lot of risks you may even loose your all money if the borrower doesn't succeed for what he lend for. 

P2P lending categorized into two main categories which are unsecured loans & secured loans. unsecured loans are loans lent to businesses. where as secured loans are provided to luxury & business assets as collateral. there are also another form of p2d lending that include real estate & commercial loans , payday loans , students loans and e.t.c..

P2P lending loved by both borrowers & lender for lenders it gives high return like usur & until the borrower covers all of his debt's the lender get his return monthly , quarterly depending on there agreement. where as for borrowers p2p got benefit  from similar cost & easy risk as compared as to bank.

What is Peer-2-Peer lending & How P2P lending Works What is Peer-2-Peer lending & How P2P lending Works Reviewed by Nur Nati on December 10, 2018 Rating: 5

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